Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Tracy Louise
Salamander St
Dianella 6059
0434 535 501
0434 535 501
Servicing Dianella, Morley, North perth, Mt. Lawley, Inglewo

Would you like to...

Resolve mis-matched libido

Feel closer to your partner?

Learn to love yourself and your body?

Become a better lover?

Learn to ask for what you want?

Feel more pleasure?

Break through old sexual blocks or trauma?

Give and receive more pleasure?

Experience more arousal?

Sexological Bodywork™

Is a form of somatic sexual learning for the purpose of deepening your connection with your body and your sexuality.

This is achieved by teaching the body through touch experience.

Sexological Bodywork Sessions may include, but are not limited to.......

Coaching and Guidance in Self-Development
Anything from advice on masturbation and sex, different types of touch, resources and material to expand your knowledge, as well as exploring emotional obstacles to experiencing greater sexual fulfilment.

Breath-Work and Development
Learning to engage the body through movement and waking up the body's sexual response. Through learning various forms of breath and movement, the body may learn to become more ecstatic and naturally orgasmic. Learn how breathing effects our arousal states, digestive system & overall health.

Scar Remediation
Sexological Bodyworkers are skilled, experienced and knowledgable about working with both internal and external scar tissue. This profession is unique in the respect that we work on internal scarring including episiotomies, rectocele operation scaring, bowel operations. Scars, especially old ones that have time to hang around, form adhesions to soft tissue, over time this can create changes in the skeletal frame causing unexplained joint or back pain.

Self Exploration and Touch
Getting in touch with your own body and it's natural ability to feel pleasure and arousal through self touch and exploration.

Practitioner to Client Touch and Massage
Experience various forms of touch directed at you, the client, to learn more about yourself, your arousal and your body's reaction to touch.

Yoga/breath work
In this movement class we learn to communicate non verbal, using our eyes & body language. There will be stretching but nothing too strenuous - We focus on balancing the pelvis and finding what is uniquely right for you. Restrictions in the pelvis can lead to numerous health issues. In an article on the ‘Psoas’ muscle (pronounced so-as) it explains how this major pelvic stabilising muscle that affects mobility, structural balance, joint function, flexibility, and much more is also believed to allow you to connect with the present moment especially when it is stretched out and tension is released from the body.

Tracy will be concentrating on sacrum connection & movement, loosening the pelvis area, stretching and facilitating how to connect with self & others whilst incorporating elements of consent within a group.

Development of Communication Skills
Develop the confidence to ask for what you want, create greater intimacy with your partner, or just become a more confident communicator in general.

Boundary Setting
Learn how to communicate clear boundaries about what you do or don't want, as well as learning more about authentic consent in both yourself and those you interact with.

Becoming More Orgasmic
Whether you are pre-orgasmic, lacking sensation or wanting to feel more orgasmic throughout your body, Sexological Bodywork can assist you in experiencing more pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

Education in Sexual Anatomy
Learn more about sexual anatomy and the science of arousal

These are just a few of the benefits you may discover within Sexological Bodywork Sessions.

If you are interested in becoming more sexually aware, moving beyond challenges that have been holding you back the Sexological Bodywork maybe just what you are looking for.

Is it time to rewire your Sexual Circuitry?

THE ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED SEXOLOGICAL BODYWORKERS -The Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB) is devoted to the promotion of professional somatic sex education. ACSB provides ongoing support for certified Sexological Bodyworkers by facilitating continued education, ptofessional supervision and development of ethical standards. The ACSB website offers a listing of professionals worldwide. (There is also a directory of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers on this website.) There are also regional Sexological Bodywork associations in Europe, Canada and Australia (Somatic Sex Educators' Association (SSEAA)).

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About Tracy -
Personal confusion around sexuality during teenage and young adult years and also living with Multiple Sclerosis has given me an opportunity to become more mindful and body aware within myself.

I have studied teaching and mind body medicine, various energy driven modalities and have always had the philosophy that we al go through life unpealing layers of our self help onion; my belief has always been if we look at the core of our onion - our sexuality, the outer layers of our onion would fall apart. Sexological Bodywork is the perfect vehicle to take my learning skills and expertise out into the world and offer somatic education to as many as I can.

About Glenn -

Having being judged for his appearance, tattoo's and piercing choices, Glenn understands only too well how judgment affects how people receive you. Glenn is a caring, compassionate and genuine body-worker.

Glenn specialises in;
•Men's sexual health
•Troublesome fantasies
•Masturbation coaching
•Intimacy issues

He is also fully trained, aware and experienced in all sexualities, representations and orientations.

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